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Executive Search

Mettle Search is a global executive search boutique specializing in bespoke talent acquisition.

Your people are your most important asset.

They’re your competitive advantage. You want to attract the best and Mettle Search has years of experience doing this for it’s clients – regardless of Industry, corporate function or seniority level

met·tle, noun

A person’s ability to cope well with difficulties or to face a demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way.

Modern, Dynamic, Ethical

What makes Mettle different?

Fast Execution

Our consultants feel the heat as much as you do when you need a candidate to start “last month”. We have an experienced team eager to deliver for your business.


We are too busy to play games. The time other agencies invest in optimising their fees we spend making that extra backchannel reference call. We set expectations upfront and deliver ready to employ candidates.

1 Client 1 Consultant

Each search is managed by a Mettle Director – end to end. We are not broken up into sales, search, recruiting, closing. The Consultant manages the entire process and the client deals with a single point of reference and accountability. 

Where we specialize

Mettle Industries


Every company has the challenge of technological transformation and we really enjoy staying at the forefront of this evolving space. Mettle Search has filled roles for clients in the technology industry as well as technology roles across many other industries.


Mettle search is a leading name in the field of fashion and luxury retail recruitment. Our team is highly experienced and networked in this industry and have led large scale leadership transformations for brands in the USA, Europe and Asia.

Financial Services

Banks have often been at the cutting edge of digital and mobile technologies as well as advanced analytics. We have deep experience, across consumer banking in particular, finding the right talent to transform highly complex and regulated businesses.

Global Executive Search Boutique

We work around the globe & clock...
Startups enjoy being able to outsource their full talent process to us

Recruiting means public relations

Why Mettle Search?

Network & Research

Our industry connections and knowledge of the competitive landscape makes searches a case of ‘one degree of separation’. We only believe in using experienced Researchers who work closely with a Consultant to produce fresh research on every project.

Boutique Style

Although our boutique style means we are constantly in high demand, it also means we give personal attention to each and every search we conduct, getting to know your brand deeply. We can tailor our process to your company's needs and internal process.

Superior Process

At Mettle Search we run a tight ship from from launch to placement. We are tirelessly efficient and detail oriented through all steps of the process: searching / mapping / interviewing / reporting / scheduling / reference checks / closing

Client success stories


"Miro and the team at Mettle Search have been supporting us with our executive and hard to fill leadership roles for more than three years. In this time Miro has been able to locate us high caliber leaders from across different locations including Nigeria, Vietnam, USA and Bulgaria. Miro has a pragmatic, honest style that works well for true collaboration and is not pushy. He is the only headhunter who will stay with you until a requisition is closed, often after the global names have closed it down. I highly recommend Mettle Search for any organization needing a more tailored approach."

Finding remedies, not problems

Leadership Team

Miro Köhler

Miro has years of experience recruiting for different industries and clients across 4 continents. He has a personal passion for digital disruption and teaching startups talent best practices early on. He founded Mettle Search with the idea of creating the most transparent, nimble, flexible and efficient search boutique possible, while intentionally avoiding specializing in a certain domain.

megan owen

Megan Owen

Megan is deeply analytical and identifies skill sets that are transferable across industries. She has worked on cutting edge technology roles and is passionate about organizations embracing digital. She leads leadership transformation projects for European luxury brands while also finding General Managers for Technology companies in locations as diverse as Nigeria and China. 

Committed to excellence, building your business.

We'll help you if we have capacity

Our no BS terms:
€5 000 to start;
€5 000 if you like our candidates;
22% (minus retainers) for a placement.

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